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Vphone gaga android 10 64bit dual os magsik root modules & 32bit vphonegaga

Vphone gaga android 10 64bit os new update for android 12 with magisk root xposed and fake gpu gltools hogh fps mode gaming settings. Latest update

 Vphone gaga Android 10 64bit Dual OS Magsik Root Modules LSposed

and Arm 32Bit Vphonegaga


What is VPhone gaga?


Simply V phone gaga is an application like Vmos, X8sandBox, Twoyi, F1VM. It will run on your phone as a virtual operating system with giving you the full access to the root xposed but without voiding the warranty of device. It will never do any changes to your original device or system path. And, vphone gaga will give you a different android experience. It comes as an android 10 64bit system. But you can move on to android 7.1.2 os also.


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Watch the video guide A to Z





Video Timeline to skip

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 01:15 - Vphone gaga installation guide
  • 01:49 - Magisk ROOT installation to vphone gaga
  • 03:30 - Checking whether magisk root and modules are working or not
  • 05:30 - Turn on data wifi on vphonegaga
  • 06:10 - Install Lsposed
  • 07:00 - Turn on gaming settings on vphonegaga GPU profile changing and high FPS mode up to 144
  • 08:22 - Login with google and playstore checking




What are the features of this android 10 64bit vphonegaga application?

  • Inbuilt root and magisk access
  • It comes with android 10 64bit system
  • Also it has android 7.1.2 os
  • No ads VIP unlocked
  • Best gaming experience with FAKE GPU/ High FPS Mode
  • Playstore and play services working smooth;y
  • You can remove root / hide root
  • Fake GPU profiles
  • Fake device profiles
  • Ability to change or reset main OS
  • And many more



How can we install this application?


You can easily download and install it on your mobile from the following links. This version will on any device that has the mentioned requirements.



  • Atleast 2GB ram (maybe slow)
  • 5GB free storage on internal memory



There are no any errors. I have tested the application already. No closing or restarting errors.




How can we set up Vphone gaga?


  • Firstly, you need to give display over other apps permission to vphone gaga
  • And then, again you need to allow all permission access to the app
  • Then it will automatically be installed on your device.
  • It will take 5- 10 minutes of time to complete the process
  • Don’t disturb the process. If the display goes black, it’s also normal
  • Installation size may be higher, but this version is a bug less VIP unlocked application



Data is not working on Vphone gaga how to fix it? How to create APN profile for vphonegaga

  • Open the android setting of vphonegaga (not sys settings, os setting app)
  • Click on network and internet settings
  • Goto Mobile networks
  • Click on advance
  • Click on access point names
  • Click on + option
  • Set APN name and APN as default like this (APN name and APN must be Default, enter it and save)
  • Click on the 3 dot menu on right and side for save and exit
  • Then your data service will be enabled



How to import our games/apps to vphonegaga?
  • You can download any app or game directly from play store
  • Or else, Click on file transfer option
  • Select your favorite games
  • Go to your original system- os and open the device file manager app
  • Then go to internal storage of the device - android -OBB folder Find the OBB file of your favorite game (this will only work with original files application for android. That has access to system modification from its permissions / If it's not working you can use Xplorer file manager)
  • Copy the OBB file with its folder to another location like downloads folder
  • Import that folder into vphone gaga using files option
  • Now use vphone gaga files application or your favorite file manager on vphonegaga for place your obb files into vphone gaga’s obb location
  • sdcard - android - obb folder




Direct download 👇

Vphonegaga 32bit 2.3.5 - Original Version



VphoneGaga 2.3.2

VphoneGaga 2.3.2 Mod VIP Unlocked - 64bit

Android 10 rom only

Vphonegaga 2.3.1 - Magisk 25.1 tested stable version (No auto restart errors)



VphoneGaga 2.2.0 mod vip unlocked - 64bit

Os android 7.1 & 10 roms

Download VphoneGaga Android 10 - 64bit New update (No any of issues tested - no auto crashes/ no auto restarts) 

Updates - Stable No Auto restarting / size reduced Full installation size is only 2.8GB

VphoneGaga 2.3.1 Mod VIP Unlocked - 64bit

Android 10 only

Vphone GAGA 2.3.1 mod tested all unlocked apk - Click Here to Download


Download Magisk Manager apk Download magisk 24.3 version if you have any problem

Download BusyBox module forMagisk manager

Download RIRU module for Magisk

Download Lsposed framework forMagisk



How to setting up vphone gaga gltools no errors

How to install games to vphone gaga with obb files





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