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F1VM Andoid 12 | Vmos Pro Android 12 | x8 sandbox Android 12 | Vmos Assistant Android 12

All android 12 support virtual machines installation process including vmos pro vmos assistant x8 sandbox and f1vm full tutorial

 F1VM Andoid 12 | Vmos Pro Android 12 | x8 sandbox Android 12 | Vmos Assistant Android 12

All download links moved to the end of the tutorial

With the releasement of 12, virtual android applications had to face many problems. Because of the android 12 security system. It doesn’t allow to run these apps in background. So, the developers needed to find other ways to fix these problems and run their virtual systems on android 12. Firstly, x8 sandbox developers founded a solution for this problem and they have fixed the problem. And the vmos pro devs also fixed this problem following the same way.

Vmos Pro v3.0.1 Android 14 / 13 / 12 Scroll to Download - Direct Link - No SKIP ADS

So now we have 3 android virtual systems for android 12 that runs very smoothly and stably on android 12

Those are,

  1. X8 SandBox with android 5.1.1 system both 64bit and 32 bit
  2. F1VM with android 7.1.1 system with both 64bit and 32 bit
  3. Vmos Pro with android 4.4 to 9.0 with both 64bit and 32 bit

Watch the following tutorial for understand the process of installing vmos x8 or f1vm on android 12



This tutorial will help you to find all virtual systems that you can run on android 12


  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:00 - All apps that u need to install
  • 01:42 - x8 sandbox and f1 VM installation process in android 12
  • 04:36 - F1vm opening on android 12
  • 05:49 - Vmos Pro install on android 12


All FAQs and answers

Are these methods will work on any android 12 device?

Yes, if not you haven’t followed the tutorial correctly

I have followed all steps correctly, but still it’s not working

If the problem happens when using the x8 sandbox you need to wait until the developer make and update for their virtual system

Or if the problem happens when trying to install vmos pro on android 12, you can directly contact the vmos developers from this telegram link and tell them about the problem

Contact vmos developers


How to install f1vm or x8 sandbox on android 12?

  • Download and install following apps

If you need to run x8 sandbox

Download x8 sandbox

Download sandbox f1vm launcher


If you need to run f1vm

Download f1vm

Download sandbox f1vm launcher

  • Open x8 F1 Vm launcher
  • Allows to all permissions and click on repair
  • 1st time you need to connect for a wifi network (I have used another android device to turn on hotspot)
  • Open notification settings and allow the permission
  • Open setting and goto about phone section then tap on build number about 7 times and enter your password to enable developer mode
  • Turn on wireless debugging on developer mode
  • Now goto Pair option and get the paring code from wireless debugging option
  • Open notification bar and click on the down arrow icon on  x8 notification
  • Just enter the pair code and click enter
  • Then open the application from f1vm x8 launcher
  • If you have any problem, just watch the video


How to install vmos pro on android 12? With vmos assistant 

  • Connect your phone to wifi network 
  • Open the VMOS assistant and turn on the unopened first four preparation items. 
  • Go to system settings - developer options - wireless debugging - use pairing code to pair the device 
  • Scroll down the notification panel to see the operation steps of the assistant 
  • In the notification of the assistant, enter the displayed paring code 
  • complete


Download vmos assistant

 Download Vmos Pro

Vmos assistant english version - This may not work with all devices because its not the latest version

Vmos Pro v3.0.1 Android 14 

Download - 3.0.1 vmos pro

Vmos Pro - OLD 

Vmos Assistant - If your OS is android 12 or up




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